Tovey Engineering, Inc.

General Purpose Load Cells

General Purpose Load Cells

Tovey Engineering manufactures high-performance transducers designed for the most demanding applications in test and metrology. Low creep error, the rejection of response to parasitic forces and moments, and long term stability are features that set Tovey apart from the competition.

Shear Web Load Cells

Shear Web Shear Web High Capacity
Shear Web
300-100K lbf
1.5-500 kN
Shear Web High Capacity
200K-1000K lbf
1000-4500 kN
Shear Web Compression
Shear Web Compression Only
300-200K lbf
1.5-1000 kN

Rod End Load Cells

2205 Rod End 2206 Rod End
2202 Rod End
5K-25K lbf
2206 Rod End
25K lbf