Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Automated Force Calibration Systems

Tovey Engineering (TEI) is the industry leader in automated transfer standard force calibration systems. TEI systems have been engineered over more than a 10-year period to achieve very low uncertainties with maximum ease-of-use for cal lab personnel. Tovey systems are designed specifically for metrology grade calibration, rather than being modified test systems. All key system components are manufactured by the company inhouse to meet exacting standards for metrology use. Reliability is excellent, and alignment is second to none. TEI systems closely approximate results from deadweight calibrators. TEI developed the first automated systems on the market to enable efficient, high accuracy calibration and we continue to engineer system products for maximum performance. Customer feedback has been extremely positive.

System Features:

  • Systems include load frame, transfer standard load cells, hydraulic power unit, automated control, and data analysis software.
  • Durable multi-column load frames exhibit high frame stiffness, highly symmetric stiffness, and exceptional
  • alignment.
  • Universal fixturing allows tension and compression calibration without changeover.
  • Systems feature Tovey CS Series metrology grade transfer standards, which meet the highest performance standards of any load cell manufacturer.
  • Systems enable fully automated calibration, exercise transducers automatically with specified forces and number of cycles.
  • Calibrate transducers in load sequences using up to thirty different load points with simultaneous measurement of up to three bridges (standard) or up to 8 bridges (optional).
  • Automated closed-loop system calculates performance parameters and performs data evaluations per ASTM E74 and/or ISO 376.
  • Model 9150 ratio-metric instruments provide excitation of 5 or 10 Volts, signal conditioning and A to D conversion with 24 bit digital resolution and a useable resolution to < 100 nanovoltz.
  • Model TS-10-2 Transducer Simulator with 30ppm measurement uncertainty (1 year) simplifies instrument calibration and provides an instrument check standard.
  • Data files and graphs for calibration records are produced and stored.
  • Data analysis and output is compliant with national and international standards.
1,000 klbf Automated Secondary Force Calibration Systems

1,000 klbf Automated Secondary
Force Calibration Systems

Automated Secondary Force Calibration System 2 klbf-1,000 klbf

Automated Secondary
Force Calibration System
2 klbf-1,000 klbf