Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Metrology Grade Force Transducers

Calibration Standard Series Load Cells
  • Designed for Metrology Lab Use
  • Standard Capacity Meets ASTM E74 Class A to 2% of Range, Class AA to 10%
  • High Capacity,>200 Klbf, Meets ASTM E74 Class A to 4% of Range, Class AA to 20% of Range (When Calibrated with Primary Standards)
  • Low Creep
  • Lowest Reproducibility Errors
  • Includes ASTM E74 Tension & Compression Transfer Standard Calibration standard, dead weight calibration optional
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Proprietary Modulus Compensated Strain Gages
Calibration Standard Calibration Standard High Capacity
Calibration Standard
300 - 100K lbf
1.5 - 500 kN
Calibration Standard High Capacity
200K - 1000K lbf
1000 - 4500 kN