Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Component Strain Gage Service

Tovey Engineering offers strain gaging services to the industry including engineering the project, installing strain gages, wiring the circuit, installing appropriate protective coatings, and testing for function. Tovey will perform services in our facility when possible or do field installations when necessary. The same standards and methods used for Tovey transducer manufacture are used in component gaging, resulting in high quality, reliable strain gage installations.

Automotive Application

Motorcycle Brake Lever instrumented to measure bending strain. Typical of many automotive and aerospace vehicle component strain gage jobs.

Motor Cycle Brake Lever Instrumented to measure bending strain
On-site Installation

Aeronautics Application

On-site installation of strain gages on the nose gear drag length of a Boeing 747. The drag length was instrumented as a full bridge transducer to measure towing force aplied to the landing gear during towing. Calibration was performed using a Tovey fatigue rated 100 klbf load cell installed in a modified tow bar.

Aerospace Application

Strain gage installation on the Mars Science Lab in a clean room environment. In total 600 strain gages were installed over a 6 month period as assembly was completed on the Mars Science Lab Cruise Stage structure, Descent Stage structure, and Rover component parts. Some of the work was performed at the Tovey facility, but much of the work was done on-site.

Mars Science Lab