Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Calibration and Test Software

Tovey Engineering offers several software packages to support calibration and testing. The software is applicable to strain gage based force, torque, and pressure transducers.

Available Software Packages

  • CalSoft-DW for dead weight calibration systems
  • CalSoft-FTS for transfer standard calibration systems
  • CalAnalysis for comprehensive data analysis
  • CalSoft-Test for test applications.

Software Features

  • Supports automated or manual exercise cycles.
  • Supports automated or manual load setting.
  • Automated data acquisition.
  • Performs standard performance analysis including determining non-linearity, hysteresis, and static error band.
    • ASTM E74 Analysis.
    • ISO 376 Analysis.
    • All data presented graphically or in tabular form.
  • Statistically determines degree of curve fit according to ASTM E74 procedure, or user may override to select from 1st to 5th degree.
  • Calibrates stand-alone systems with independent readout instruments.
  • Allows simultaneous calibration of bridges in multi-bridge transducers.
  • Can be customized to meet special customer requirements.

System Capacity and Performance

Tovey Engineering transfer standard force calibration systems are available in capacities ranging from 20 lbf to 1 million lbf. These versatile automated calibration systems reduce calibration time and cost, permitting efficient in-house transducer calibration. Systems meet ASTM E74 required measurement uncertainty of applied forces of less than 0.005% of range, or overall measurement uncertainty of 0.025%- 0.050% of reading. Systems feature Tovey CS Series metrology grade load cells, with industry leading performance.