Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Load Cell Options

Tovey Engineering offers multiple load cell options for your specific requirements.

Enhanced Load Cell Features

  • Additional Bridges

    Additional bridges provide separate independent electrical measurement circuits, producing isolated measurement outputs. Additional bridges are often used for measurement redundancy or control. Dual bridges are commonly used; occasionally, triple or quad bridges are used. Most Tovey models accommodate additional bridges.
  • Standardized Output

    This option provides for output adjustment to a standard nominal value. Typical variation in load cell output may fall between +/-10% of the nominal specified output. If desired, the load cell sensitivity can be adjusted to within +/-0.1% of the nominal output.
  • Compression Overload Protection

    Typical safe overload values are in the range of 150%-200% of rated load cell output. On Tovey Shear Web models, overload protection to 500% of rated load can be provided by carefully controlling the clearance gap between the load cell hub and base. Some other model types, including the SCT S-cell, are specially designed to be tolerant of overload situations.
  • TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)

    Electronic identification is available for most Tovey load cell models. Identification is compatible with IEEE 1451.4 TEDS standards.
  • On-Board Electronics

    Optional on-board electronics are available on most Tovey load cell models. Electronic modules are available providing bi-polar voltage output, current output, and serial digital output.

Load Cell Construction and Components

  • Integral Cable

    In some cases, it may be desirable to have an integral cable rather than a connector on a load cell. Substitution of a cable is possible for most Tovey load cell models.
  • Custom Connectors

    Many customers have adopted standard connectors for use in their facilities. In most cases, these special connectors can be placed on Tovey load cells in place of standard connectors.
  • Male and Female Threads

    Every item has the capability to have either a male or female threads.