Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Torque Calibration Systems

Tovey Engineering transfer standard torque calibration systems are available in capacities ranging from 200 lbf-in to 100,000 lbf-in. These versatile automated calibration systems reduce calibration time and cost, permitting efficient in-house transducer calibration.

Torque Calibration Features

  • System includes torque frame, transfer standard load cells, hydraulic actuator, automated control and data analysis software.
  • Precision torque arm and meticulously machined components.
  • Efficient transition from clockwise to counterclockwise calibration.
  • True zero deadband measurement.
  • Alignment couplings to reduce transducer misalignment errors.
  • Metrology grade transfer standards with industry leading accuracy, or dead weight hangers and weights for primary standard torque calibrations.
  • Fully automated calibration; exercise transducers automatically with specified forces and number of cycles.
  • Comprehensive software for data acquisition and data reduction.
  • Data files and graphs for calibration records are produced and stored.
  • Data analysis and output is compliant with national and international standards.
Torque Calibration System