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Load Cell Options

Tovey Engineering offers the following load cell options:

  • Additional Bridges: Additional bridges provide separate independent electrical measurement circuits, producing isolated measurement outputs. Additional bridges are often used for measurement redundancy or control. Dual bridges are commonly used; occasionally, triple or quad bridges are used. Most Tovey models accomodate additional bridges.
  • Standardized Output: This option provides for output adjustment to a standard nominal value. Typical variation in load cell output may fall between +/-10% of the nominal specified output. If desired, the load cell sensitivity can be adjusted to within +/-0.1% of the nominal output.
  • Compression Overload Protection: Typical safe overload values are in the range of 150%-200% of rated load cell output. On Tovey Shear Web models, overload protection to 500% of rated load can be provided by carefully controlling the clearance gap between the load cell hub and base. Some other model types, including the SCT S-cell, are specially designed to be tolerant of overload situations.
  • Integral Cable: In some cases, it may be desirable to have an integral cable rather than a connector on a load cell. Substitution of a cable is possible for most Tovey load cell models.
  • Custom Connectors: Many customers have adopted standard connectors for use in their facilities. In most cases, these special connectors can be placed on Tovey load cells in place of standard connectors.
  • TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet): Electronic identification is available for most Tovey load cell models. Identification is compatible with IEEE 1451.4 TEDS standards.
  • On-Board Electronics: Optional on-board electronics are available on most Tovey load cell models. Electronic modules are available providing bi-polar voltage output, current output, and serial digital output.
  • Male and Female Threads: Every item has the capability to have either a male or female threads.